3D Turtle Assisted Toolbox (ver 3.01a) by Yuji Suda

How to begin


source ijs for experiments:

Please downloaad each ijs file and open, then CTRL+W to do your experiment.. lines-and-tree requires points ijs. You need all the available ijs listed below in your experiment.

experiment sequence

  1. ". resetvolc NB. reset ppm volume world.
  2. Think your aim ... "What do I want to do?"
  3. Write your aim in J script ijs file.
  4. Execute your function.
  5. Check result ppm with ImageJ 3D Viewer in volume (resampling factor 1).
  6. Repeat 2-5 when you are not content with the result.

<< An mini-encyclopedia of J (in Japanese) version3.141592>>

<< Acknowledgement >>
I thank Mr. Toshihiro Anzai for the public domain software (TURBO PASCAL source files) on 3D turtle graphics. My J scripts of 3D turtle movements except the primitive 'towards' totaly depended on the program by him published in 1986.

<< copyright by Yuji Suda >>
You can use ijs source files stored in this site for personal use only.